Ways to improve student motivation

Ways to improve student motivation

Learning is a process which is effective only when a learner is interested in learning. In general, learning has a broad meaning, but when academic education is concerned, most students lack motivation and interest in learning. An uninterested student is not completely at the fault, continuous bombardment of lectures, pressure to produce better results and to keep up with a particular subject in which a student is completely not interested, often depresses several students. Here in this situation, motivation miraculously improves the condition of a student. According to the level of education and capabilities of students, teachers as well as parents should motivate students.  Another very common problem which demotivates a student from learning is the age factor. Instead of being stuck with a troublesome routine get research papers for sale, http://www.customassignmentservice.com/sale-of-college-research-papers/, to ease off your study pressure.

Students of primary and secondary level are more interested in games, TV and other activities which divert their attention from education, they need motivation to grow, to build up their character, to choose their career, to find their interests and hobbies. Once if a student realizes or he learns the importance of academic education, he would start to pay attention to education. It is a responsibility of a teacher to motivate his students, he cannot teach a class in which students are not prepared to learn. A teacher can motivate students in following ways.

  • Every student has a distinct character, different interests and separate capabilities of learning. Some may learn quickly while some need complete attention and more time than other students. They should be given sufficient time to completely understand every lecture.
  • Teacher’s energy and enthusiasm also plays a vital role in motivating a student, such behaviour encourages students to pay attention in the class.
  • Give students some space to let them discover themselves.
  • Create a threat free environment without pulling up your control over the class.
  • Try to explain difficult topics with daily life easy examples.
  • Sometimes, a topic is relatively higher than the level of a class; the teacher should be skilled enough to bridge the level gap between students and the topic.
  • Student’s participation in the class also motivates a student to learn, a lecture should not be a presentation, it should be a discussion in which a student is encouraged to ask questions or to express his own ideas. Rather than being worried about studies get essay writing service,http://www.customassignmentservice.com/writing-service-in-australia/ , to help you out.
  • A teacher should also guide his students about various careers, he should highlight the importance of education in every field of life. It would motivate students towards learning.
  • Secondary school teachers should prepare students for admission assessment tests like SAT, GMAT etc. students should be aware of such tests which are gateway towards further education. They should know the importance of such tests, failing in which might cost them their careers.
  • Regular class assessments also help in motivating a student, the pressure of being tested at any time, keeps a student attentive in the class.
  • Every student shall be dealt according to his capabilities of learning; other students shall not be overburdened due to some bright students.

Motivation greatly helps in improving a student’s capability of learning, it is observed that several students show considerable improvement if they are dealt according to their needs. Some need attention while others need just motivation.

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