How to create appealing multimedia assignments

For students to have a better understanding of the topic of research, the instructors give assignments to their students to present their research findings with the help of multimedia available to them. If you have to create such projects as a student, you will be thrilled, but for an instructor who does not know the tricks of the business, it all would seem overwhelming.

As far as multimedia is concerned, it may include different formats such as videos, websites, timelines, blogs, video, digital online exhibitions and digital posters. Creating a video is easy with certain applications like PowerPoint that enable a presentation to be saved in the format of a video. It is not necessary to have a video camera to make such a video presentation as you can easily do away with images by including some music, attractive animations and properly arranged transitions.(read more: If one has to record a video, Smartphones have better options of recording one to be edited by using a Windows Movie Maker or any software pre-installed on the cell phone.

If you are grading your students on the learning of their video making skills, you have to make sure that you make them learn the different skills in the art of video making first. Otherwise, you should only concentrate on the presentation of the arguments along with their relevant proofs in order to support their establishment. However, ensure that the work submitted is according to the goals and objects set out by you.

A few of the points to be considered for making a multimedia project are as under:

  • What is the reason for creating that project? How does it contribute to the whole course?
  • Not everyone in the class would be technically sound. Therefore, it is better to assign easy tasks at first to make the students aware of the technology before jumping to the most important ones.
  • Giving a structure first to the whole task at hand makes it easier for a teacher to grade the work when received. If you have your objectives properly laid out in front of you then you can give a sound feedback and scores to the students.
  • Also make sure that your goals are known to the students beforehand, since giving them a structure or format to follow helps them in doing their work with the least number of errors.
  • Teach your students how to write critically before carrying on with the whole process so that they have a clear understanding of their own objectives too.

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